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Boosted Pods RP90 - Turbo Charge Chill (Chilled NRG)

Boosted Pods RP90 - Turbo Charge Chill (Chilled NRG)

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The Boosted Pods RP90 - Turbo Charge Chill (Chilled NRG) - Experience the invigorating rush of menthol, the dominant flavour in Turbo Charge Chill, enhanced with a whisper of citrus undertones for a crisp and clean finish. It's a perfectly balanced blend that appeals to those who enjoy a refreshing, cool vape with a light, tangy twist.


  • Enhanced Airflow
  • Maximum Puff Efficiency
  • Leak Resistant Design
  • Synthetic Nicotine Strength
  • Nicotine Feel: Strong


  • Dimensions: 3 × 3 × 10 cm
  • 2ml E-Liquid Capacity Per Pod

Package Contents:

  • 3x RP90 Pods

Device Compatibility

  • Compatible exclusively with the STLTH Device (Non-Pro version)

Synthetic nicotine provides you with the same satisfaction you would get from a higher salt nicotine level.

Remember, always vape responsibly and enjoy your products with Prime Vape!

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